Guitar Pro Education Program

Subscribe to the Guitar Pro Education Program and enjoy the advantages of an educational software package that answers your school’s needs in terms of class material and tools. As a teacher, you will create practical exercises, compose backtracks, and get preferential pricing for your students.

Free license

Get a multi-computers license to install Guitar Pro on your establishment's whole computer equipment. The software is available for Windows, Mac and Linux in 19 languages.

A preferential rate

A 50% discount for your students willing to acquire Guitar Pro for their private use.

Who can create an account?

Every private or public education establishment is eligible to the Guitar Pro Education Program. An establishment administrator (teacher, office, staff...) will be in charge of the account. The Guitar Pro Education licence is strictly limited to teaching purposes and cannot be given or sold. An official order form of your establishment with the name and adress will be required during the sign up process.

Online music schools, private teachers and non-profit organizations/associations are not eligible to the Guitar Pro Education Program. If you are one of the three, different specific offers exist. Please contact us.

How to get my education license?

  1. First, fill the sign up form. An official order form of your establishment with the name and address will be required.
  2. Once your account is created, it will be validated by our team within 24 to 48 hours. You will then receive an email asking you to log in to our educational website to recover your multi-computers Guitar Pro license.

Happy students learning to play music